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Tips on How to Encourage Your Toddler’s Physical Development

Toddlers develop and grow fast in their first five years across the four primary areas of development. These areas are motor (physical), cognitive, communication and language, and emotional and social.  
Motor development indicates the strengthening and growth of a child’s ability, muscles, and bones to move and touch the surroundings. A kid’s motor development is classified into two categories: gross motor and fine motor.

Fine motor skills refer to small movements in the tongue, wrists, lips, feet, fingers, toes, and hands. Gross motor skills entail the development of muscles that allow babies to hold up their heads, crawl and sit, and eventually skip, walk, jump, and run.

Here are some of the ways to encourage your toddler’s physical development:

Climbing and balancing

One of the things toddlers love to do is take their new walking skills and up the stake just a bit. It might be climbing up and down a sofa or chair or balancing on the edge of a stair.

Drawing and scribbling

Applaud these early sketches, which offer assurance a whole raft of new capabilities. Drawing with a crayon includes fine motor skills such as holding and grasping.

Dressing and undressing

Placing things on and taking them off is a toddler delight. Undressing and dressing herself or a toy offers a host of prospects for her to practice her hand and finger coordination.

Filling and emptying

Your toddler will soon learn that vacating a container necessitates a lot less accurate than filling one. As infuriating as it might appear this dumping is an essential cognitive exercise, as well. Your toddler is beginning to understand that one object, like a bucket, can hold another object.

Running and jumping

Toddlers love to run, jump and climb but getting both feet to leave the ground at once, is difficult than most of us remember and exasperating for the child who wants to, but cannot.

Moulding and squishing

Toddlers love to touch, taste, and smell. If you offer your child lots of fun-to-feel materials to keep her little hands busy, she will have fun while developing the agility and strength of those little hands.

Stacking, stringing, and sorting

Balancing one block on top of another carefully or placing coloured rings on a pole or stacking and knocking down everything excites almost all toddlers. It is also an incredible way for your kid to use his fingers and to work on building and sorting skills.

Catching and throwing

Balls of several sizes to be rolled, caught or thrown develop hand-eye coordination as well as agility. This skill is a physical development: your child will begin with rolling, then go on to bouncing a ball and throwing underhanded before lastly learning to throw overhand.

Rolling and pedalling

After your toddler studies that his legs are vital to mobility, he will love using them to roam. Your child might start by utilising both feet at the same time and then start “walking” with feet.

Pushing and pulling

If he is still learning to pull, push and walk toys are ideal for your kid. They mix the skills that are developed already, such as pulling into a standing position and pushing up from the floor.

Swimming and splashing

Water play is an ideal way to construct coordination and assist your kid get at ease with his body, but it is essential to take your cues from your child when introducing him to the water.

These are some of the simple ways to encourage your toddlers’ physical development.

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