Behaviour and Discipline

How to Handle Your Toddler’s Tantrums

Children between the ages of one and three have a limited vocabulary. Even at two years, the maximum number of words they understand is 350. Hence, it is difficult for Toddlers to construct proper sentences and communicate their thoughts and desires. When you do not understand what they want, they express their frustration in the form of a temper tantrum. Dealing with toddler tantrums daily can be extremely distressing, especially if it happens in public.

But why do toddlers throw a tantrum? It is because they cannot cope with anger, frustration, anxiety, weakness, boredom, hunger, delayed gratification, inability to communicate needs, etc. A pre-schooler suffering from depression, ADHD, or autism may have more episodes of tantrums than other kids.

Preventing a Toddler Tantrum Easily

If toddler tantrums are frequent, you are likely to be stressed as much as your kid. You can learn to detect the onset of a tantrum by implementing a few of these strategies:

  • Be more observing – Keep an hour aside from your daily routine to play with your toddler. Involve yourself in a pleasurable activity during that hour, something that the child will enjoy. Use this time to inculcate crucial habits like good behaviour, calmness, laughter, joy, etc. even when the child topples over or falls. Observe which incidents trigger anger and avoid the tantrums by not repeating them in the future.
  • Distract your little one – Which toy is your toddler’s favorite? Does your toddler like to watch birds flying in the sky or cars zipping across the roads? Or does he enjoy music more? You may use different ways to distract the child when you see temper building up.
  • Ignite Curiosity – Pique the curiosity of the toddler. Children are highly curious at that age. So if you observe a temper tantrum rearing its ugly head, piquing the curiosity of the kid will help in coping with toddler tantrums. 

Coping with a Toddler Tantrum

Your kid is naturally curious about everything. You dread going to the supermarket because your little one likes to pick random items from the shelves and put them in the shopping cart, probably trying to be helpful. Most of the items are pretty and colourful but definitely not what you need. If you prevent your kid from picking the stuff, you have a potential tantrum on your hands!

Here are some of the ways in which you can deal with a toddler tantrum quickly:

  • Have a clear plan of action to handle a tantrum.
  • Implement the plan of action quickly.
  • Listen to what your child is saying because a lack of attention is the biggest reason for temper tantrums in toddlers and pre-schoolers.
  • Never presume your child is throwing a tantrum deliberately.
  • Never lose your temper.
  • Ignore strangers who might give you a nasty look but focus on your kid and try to diffuse the situation pleasantly.

No one likes a grumpy toddler, they’re best when they laugh. But it is not always easy to know how to avoid tantrums in toddlers. Communication and attentiveness are the keywords that will work like magic! Your little dumpling only wants your attention. Your child has no one else to turn to, so a little TLC(Tender Loving Care) and attention are all that is needed to prevent and handle a toddler’s tantrums.