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Tips for Getting Back to Work After Having a Baby

A new mom’s complete day rotates around her little one, leaving no time for herself. Moreover, a day’s work at the workplace may appear like an impossible task if you are on your maternity leave. With support and preparation, you can certainly ace being a working mom and a rockstar mommy.

Returning to work is one of the most frightening milestones for most new moms. Several doubts may cross your mind and you can find yourself feeling nervous and anxious, guilty, thrilled, all at the same time. Here are a few things you must think about before you return to work:

Keep in contact with what is happening in the office while you are on maternity leave

Keep in touch with your boss, teammates can assist you to feel associated even when you are on leave. Staying connected with your friends at the place of work can make you wish to join work. Understanding what are the new amendments in your team can assist you to discuss the roles as per your requirements if required.

Planning when to return

You may always feel that your child is not old enough for you to join back work, or you need more time. While there is no ideal time to return to work, think about factors such as travel requirements at your workplace, anticipated workload, commute time, your financial situation, and the support system you have back home. Talk with your partner on what they think and how you as a family are ready for you to join back work.

Talk with your employers

Most companies in India today have regulations that make returning to employment easy for new mothers. Talk about your options with your company. If you need to feed your baby, check with your employer if you can go out for an hour during the break. Pumping might be one more option, and several working moms are opting for. Flexible hours for working and bosses who understand can make the evolution simple for you.

Know the regulations at your place of work

While maximum companies make the prospective arrangements for new moms, you should know what you are permitted to as per regulations. Ensure you know the regulations of your company in regards to legal rights and flexibility.

Mom restart career

Once you know the date you shall get back to work on, you must plan out all the essential details meticulously. Here are the things to consider before restarting the career:

Decide on who needs to look after your child while you are at work

Most working parents either choose a daycare or rely on the kid’s grandparents in their absence. You might need to think about a range of factors such as the eagerness of grandparents, their health/age conditions, monetary aspects of daycare, etc. Whatever you select for your family, remember your family’s needs and the setting that best suits you and your kid. Think about the monetary costs included in each option, and make up your mind on what you think is the best choice.

Get the necessary assistance

With you joining back work, there would be added responsibilities, hence it is wise to seek assistance. Assign some of the vital responsibilities to your partner or any other assistance you may have. For instance, think about getting extra help for tasks like cleaning, cooking, etc. Plan for days when the child is sick. Planning can assist in avoiding issues.

Re-focus on your career

You may feel miserable for weeks as a working mom, thinking about your little one always and bothering about him. Remember that worrying alone does not assist. Rather you should focus on your career.

So, if you are a new mom and planning returning to work, then you should keep in mind the above-mentioned tips.

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Helpful Tips for Busy Parents to Keep Homes Clean

It can be difficult to keep the home clean with kids around. Once you get one room cleaned another room becomes a mess. It is an everlasting job of picking it up, put it away, and do again. The good thing is that a home does not always have to be untidy just because children are there.

Here are a few tips and tricks that make home cleaning simpler for parents:

Establish playtime rules and designate a place for toys

Teach your children to take out one toy set at a time. Before they move on to their next playful venture they need to put the previous items away. Kids do not need to spread toys throughout the house; the dining room, living room or even the bedroom of the parents’ can be a toy-free zone. Educate them not to take toys into that one room. Or if you do not have that type of space, then choose an area, like the table or a countertop.

Keep a huge vacant box or container around to throw things in

When you require diving through the areas and cleaning fast, or if anyone leaves something laying out overnight, throw it all in the large basket. This way, it is all in one area and everybody knows where to search for their things. As the basket gets filled, the entire family can get fifteen minutes to vacant it all out and put it away.

Have a cleanup time each day

Just before bedtime, get everything cleaned. Lift everything that has been taken out and put it away. It is so fast and easy, and once you get in the routine, the messes are less irresistible.

Have a specific spot for everything

If no one understands where it goes, then how will they be able to place it away? Ensure everything you bring in the house has a place where it belongs. If you are having a difficult time finding a place for everything, it is time to take inventory and dispose of a few things or rearrange.

Educate kids to clean up what they are playing with

Kids tend to move from one game to another fast. They leave a section of the room scattered with toys and go off to do something else. When you see the games or toys abandoned, have them stop what they are doing and come back to clean it up. They might not like it, but they will get accustomed to it and with your assistance, they will be trained to place their things at the proper place. Make it entertaining by being joyful as they put their things away fast.

Get rid of things

If you see you are getting overrun and it is becoming very challenging to get it cleaned up, then it is time to cleanse Make it a goal to get rid of everything that you do not have space for.

Practice what you teach

If you want the kids to be a bit clean, be sure you are doing your best to stay neat too. Before you go to bed spend a few minutes picking up the things that are around the house.

Let the kids do some of the work

Get the children to do a cleanup of the house once a day with dad or mom. Remember that cleaning together can be entertaining if mom or dad keeps their attitude happy and humorous.

These are some of the simple tips using which you can keep your home neat and clean.